Third Appointment of the Workshop Cycle “Digital Philology meets Computational Linguistics”

The Workshop Cycle Digital Philology meets Computational Linguistics: Methods and Resources continued with the Workshop #3 – Ontologies for DHs: the case of OntoBelliniLetters.

The Workshop, curated by Daria Spampinato (CNR-ISTC) and Salvatore Cristofaro (CNR-ISTC), was held on Thursday 9 June 2022 from 10:00 to 18:30 through the Zoom platform and was attended by 20 persons.

The Workshop Cycle, organized by Federico Boschetti (CNR-ILC & UniVE-DSU / VeDPH), Agnese Macchiarelli (UniVE-DSU) and Tiziana Mancinelli (UniVE-DSU) with the participation of Paola Baroni (CNR-ILC), Angelo Mario Del Grosso (CNR-ILC), Franz Fischer (UniVE-DSU / VeDPH), Monica Monachini (CNR-ILC), Antonio Montefusco (UniVE-DSU) and Elena Alessandra Vivan (UniVE-DSU), has the patronage of CLARIN-IT, DiPText-KC and CNR-ILC and includes two other Workshops scheduled for 10 June 2022 and 4 July 2022.

Stay tuned!

Download the Workshop Cycle Playbill in PDF format.