Franz Fischer
UniVE Associate Professor | VeDPH Director
Monica Monachini
CNR-ILC Head of Research | CNR-ILC LaRI Group Leader | CLARIN-IT National Coordinator
Federico Boschetti
CNR-ILC Researcher | CNR-ILC CoPhiLab Leader | Head of CNR-ILC Research Unit at VeDPH | VeDPH Member | CLARIN-IT Technical Committee Member as Expert in Digital Humanities | jTEI Advisory Board Member
Paola Baroni
CNR-ILC Technologist | CNR-ILC LaRI Group Member | CNR-ILC CoPhiLab Member | CLARIN-IT Coordination Group Member | DiPText-KC Project Manager | Web & Communication Manager for CNR-ILC, CLARIN-IT, ILC4CLARIN and DiPText-KC
Riccardo Del Gratta
CNR-ILC Researcher | CNR-ILC LaRI Group Member | CNR-ILC CoPhiLab Member | ILC4CLARIN Repository Administrator | Standing Committee for CLARIN Technical Centres Member
Angelo Mario Del Grosso
CNR-ILC Researcher | CNR-ILC CoPhiLab Member | VeDPH Visiting Scholar
Elisa Guadagnini
CNR-ILC Senior Researcher
Ouafae Nahli
CNR-ILC Researcher | CNR-ILC CoPhiLab Member
Holger Essler
UniVE Associate Professor | VeDPH Member
Elisa Corrò
UniVE Administrative Technician | DH Research Facilitator at VeDPH
John Pavlopoulos
Researcher (Stockholm University | Athens University of Economics and Business)
Daria Vasyutisnky Shapira
PostDoc (Ben-Gurion University of the Negev | Open University of Israel)