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The DiPText-KC Zotero Library gathers some relevant bibliographic items relating to the Digital Humanities domains devoted to textual studies.
The library can be browsed by either topic (left menu) or tag (right menu).
Items are sorted in descending chronological order (from the most recent one to the oldest one) and then alphabetically.
The collection is mainly addressed to scholars and students in Digital Philology.

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The first release of the DiPText-KC Zotero Library and the possibility of browsing its items and citations through the Zotpress plugin and appropriate shortcodes and widgets within the Bibliographic Resources page (online starting from 22 April 2022) are the result of an Internship carried out by the UniPI-FiLeLi-Uma student Jacopo Gentili at CNR-ILC from December 2021 to March 2022 under the guidance of Paola Baroni (CNR-ILC Institutional Tutor) and Angelo Mario Del Grosso (CNR-ILC Scientific Tutor) and with the advice of Federico Boschetti (DiPText-KC Contact Person for CNR-ILC and UniVE-DSU-VeDPH).