Pills of EU Projects: GreekSchools

The Grant Office of the Italian Ministry of Culture has realized a video on the ERC-ADG project GreekSchools – The Greek philosophical schools according to Europe’s earliest ‘history of philosophy’: Towards a new pioneering critical edition of Philodemus’ Arrangement of the Philosophers for the column “Pills on European planning”.
The focus of the project is the study and analysis of the papyri found in Herculaneum following the eruption of Vesuvius in 79 A.D. through advanced technologies allowing to make a reading of them that would not be possible for the human eye.
Through these techniques, which are used on papyri belonging to the “history of philosophers” as well as on other papyri, it is in fact possible to read the Greek text written on the verse and, above all, the text hidden within multiple layers.
These methods, used within the project in synergy with the different skills of researchers, scientists and papyrologists, make it possible to make unpublished documents available to the public and to create a cutting-edge technological operation that also contemplates an open-access electronic edition of the “history of philosophers” through an open-source Web platform.

A video published on MiC_Italia YouTube Channel