Disciplines with a Historical Vocation meet Digital Humanities

DiPText-KC is pleased to announce the Permanent Seminar Series A bridge between two worlds: the disciplines with a historical vocation and the DHs, organized by CNR-ILC and UniVE-DSU under the patronage of CNR-DSU, VeDPH, CLARIN-IT, CLARIN, DiPText-KC and AIUCD. The 2022 events will take place once a month (on Thursdays from 15:00 to 17:00) between March and May 2022 (First Cycle) […]

Starting the VeDPH Seminars in Digital and Public Humanities (Spring Term 2022)

DiPText-KC is glad to announce the Seminars in Digital and Public Humanities (Spring Term 2022) organized by VeDPH and UniVE-DSU under the patronage of the UniVE Research Institute for Digital and Cultural Heritage, the Association for Digital Humanities and Digital Culture (AIUCD) and CLARIN-IT. The Seminars are tailored for humanists of all disciplinary backgrounds and will be held in English […]

Concluded EUPORIA 2021

The EUPORIA 2021 Webinar Cycle on Annotation of Literary and Documentary Texts through Domain-Specific Languages ended yesterday.The Webinar Cycle aimed at sharing ideas and experiences on Domain-Specific Languages applied to research in the Humanities and was an occasion to meet creators of formal grammars and users of formal languages for encoding critical apparatus or linguistic, stylistic and multimedial annotations.EUPORIA 2021 […]