Starting the VeDPH Seminars in Digital and Public Humanities (Spring Term 2022)

DiPText-KC is glad to announce the Seminars in Digital and Public Humanities (Spring Term 2022) organized by VeDPH and UniVE-DSU under the patronage of the UniVE Research Institute for Digital and Cultural Heritage, the Association for Digital Humanities and Digital Culture (AIUCD) and CLARIN-IT. The Seminars are tailored for humanists of all disciplinary backgrounds and will be held in English […]

Call for Abstracts for CLARIN 2022

In announcing the 11th CLARIN Annual Conference (CLARIN 2022), CLARIN ERIC invites submissions of extended abstracts describing CLARIN related work addressing the following aspects: (i) use of the CLARIN infrastructure; (ii) design and construction of the CLARIN infrastructure; (iii) CLARIN Knowledge Infrastructure and dissemination; (iv) CLARIN in relation with other infrastructures, initiatives and projects. The event will take place from […]