CNR-ILC CoPhiLab @ GARR 2022

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On Thursday 19 May 2022, as part of Session 5 | Digital environments for research and training of the GARR 2022 Conference – CondiVisioni: the network as a tool for building the future (Palermo, 18-20/05/2022), Federico Boschetti (CNR-ILC | CLARIN-IT | DiPText-KC) presented a contribution entitled The Collaborative and Cooperative Philology Lab (CoPhiLab, CNR-ILC): data, applications, services and infrastructures, containing an overview of the resources and technologies provided by CNR-ILC CoPhiLab to the Repository of the CLARIN B-Centre ILC4CLARIN and an overview of the knowledge and best practices shared by CNR-ILC CoPhiLab through the CLARIN K-Centre DiPText-KC.

The speech by Federico Boschetti is between 5:50:11 and 5:59:00.